Deploying Machine Learning is Too Hard

Putting machine learning models into production is too hard. Disconnect between Data Scientists and Data Engineers, managing multiple languages and frameworks, and administering container endpoints means that models take months to go into production, if at all.

Database Model Deployment is the fastest and easiest way to deploy machine learning. Using simple SQL, you can deploy your model as an intelligent table inside of our database. When data is inserted, a prediction is automatically generated and stored in that same database table.

Feature Engineering Takes Too Long

Multiple feature pipelines for multiple machine learning models quickly spiral out of control. Duplicate inconsistent ETL pipelines, improper storing of historical data for model training, and stale data feeding deployed models makes deploying real-time ML applications extremely difficult.

A feature store is a central repository that serves features for model training and model deployment. Our single, hybrid, database enables the only feature store on the market that can handle both online and offline features without network latency, meaning all your features are available to you at millisecond speed.

Stop Moving Data

Are you tired of the complexity and cost that comes with managing both an Analytic and Transactional database? Splice Machine’s hybrid (HTAP) database powers both OLTP and OLAP workloads under one scale-out SQL engine.

Our patented cost-based optimizer assigns queries to an OLTP engine, powered by a scale-out key-value store, or an OLAP engine, powered by Spark automatically meaning there is no added complexity for the user. Moreover, the entire system is Kubernetes orchestrated, meaning it runs on any cloud, or on premises.

Migrate Without Complexity

Too many modern data platforms require you to rewrite lots of legacy code, hire expensive infrastructure engineers, or change your entire stack just to get started. For many companies this is too expensive, too time consuming, and often just not possible.

Splice Machine’s full ANSI SQL means you can migrate any legacy database, with little to no rewrites. Don’t want to transfer your data just yet? No problem: With our EXTERNAL TABLE and VIRTUAL TABLE INTERFACE functionality, we access data directly from any database or storage environment.