Splice Machine Co-Founders Featured on HBaseCon 2018 Agenda

June 18, 2018

CEO Monte Zweben discusses real-world implementations of HBase at petabyte scale, while CTO John Leach introduces columnar storage for HBase to enable analytical workloads

Splice Machine is excited to be a part of HBaseCon 2018, taking place in San Jose on June 18, 2018, as part of the DataWorks Summit, hosted by Hortonworks. As long-term members of the Apache HBase community, the event gives us a chance to help highlight the production use cases for HBase. HBase is a key component of Splice Machine and enables us to deliver a scale-out SQL RDBMS on Hadoop that can run transactional and analytical workloads in a single system.

Monte Zweben will be speaking as part of the opening keynote with a presentation, Making Transactional SQL on HBase Scale: Operational Battle Scars, on how Splice Machine and HBase have been deployed in two real-world examples. He’ll talk about the lessons learned from deploying HBase at petabyte scale for a financial services customer service application, as well as how HBase helps power a real-time order promising application that Splice Machine has developed with Intrigo Systems, a leading provider of enterprise and cloud solutions in e-commerce, supply chain and procurement.

John Leach will be presenting Columnar HBase for Translytical Workloads, a first look at Splice Machine’s hybrid storage model that allows HBase to run analytical workloads as well as its traditional transactional workloads. It describes the first time HBase has been made to run on columnar storage.

For those interested in HBaseCon 2018, please visit the website at https://hbase.apache.org/hbasecon-2018/.

We will also be sharing the presentations as they are made available by HBaseCon.

Photo credit: Cloudera