Splice Machine Services

The Splice Machine Professional Services team brings you deep technical expertise in the Splice Machine platform, and in leading cloud providers such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google, on which Splice Machine can be deployed.

We offer robust services delivery models to partner with you to meet your business and technical goals by modernizing your SQL applications to meet performance, scalability and machine learning needs.

Splice Machine Education

Administrator Training (6 Hours)

Course covering the following topics that will give a greater understanding of how to administer Splice Machine. The student will be taken through the following:

  • Intro to Splice Machine
  • How Splice Machine leverages Spark, Hadoop, HBase, and Zookeeper
  • Splice Machine technology:
    • Dual engine details (HBase and Spark)
    • Transactions
    • Optimizer details
    • Columnar/external tables
    • Future roadmap
  • Database management, monitoring and tuning:
    • Installation
    • Security and authentication including Kerberos and LDAP
    • Spark UI
    • Monitoring queries
    • Backup and restore
    • Compactions
    • Upgrades and migration
    • Diagnosing issues using logs
  • Pre-requisites:
    • Experience with DBs and DB administration
    • Course is designed for DB administrators, Big Data system administrators and developers

Developer Training (8 Hours)

Hands-on course designed for those who plan to build databases, use data and build applications using Splice Machine. The course covers the following topics:

  • Intro to Splice Machine
  • Splice Machine technology:
    • Dual engine details (HBase and Spark)
    • Transactions
    • Optimizer details
    • Columnar/external tables
    • Future roadmap
  • SQL deep-dive:
    • Import and export
    • User of keys and indices
    • Tuning for dual engine OLAP and OLTP
    • Optimizer insights
    • Best practices
    • Monitoring Spark
    • Ingestion tips
    • 3rd party tools
    • Hands-on lab
  • Pre-requisites:
    • Experience with SQL and DB development
    • Course is designed for developers, administrators, big data scientists, data migration teams

Professional Services

The Professional Services team at Splice Machine consists of senior architects, consultants and engagement managers, who are experts in big data technologies, distributed systems, database design, tuning and administration, ETL, and machine learning.

We offer services both on site and remotely, to allow for maximum delivery flexibility.

The Professional Services team will partner with you and your team to address business and technical challenges, such as:

  • Modernizing legacy SQL based applications that do not perform as expected nor scale
  • Need to use machine learning to enhance current application functionality to meet business needs
  • The current database infrastructure is expensive to maintain and support

Quickstart Engagement
Designed for new Splice Machine customers who are interested in building an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) to migrate a small legacy application from an existing database (such as DB2, Oracle, Sybase, etc.) to Splice Machine.

The engagement will focus on the following stages:

  • Existing application review/discovery
  • Document to-be state requirements
  • Architecture of to-be solution with Splice Machine
  • Migration plan to Splice Machine
  • Installation of a Splice Machine environment
  • Migration activities
  • Documentation of performed activities in a configuration runbook
  • Coaching and mentoring

A typical engagement duration is between 4-6 weeks.

Health Check
For existing Splice Machine customers, this 2-3 week engagement focuses on the architecture and implementation of an existing Splice Machine database. In the first week, the Splice Machine Professional Services team will perform a top-down analysis of the implementation and will provide a detailed report highlighting findings and recommendations, based on a descending order of priority (critical, high, medium and low). In the second week (and in a third week, if needed), the Splice Machine team will work closely with your team to address the critical and high priority recommendations.

Splice Machine Migration Roadmap
For new and existing customers, this offering is a 2-week engagement to review the current application state, define the to-be state, and plan your migration to Splice Machine. The outcome of this engagement is a detailed migration roadmap document and a project plan.

Splice Machine Pod
Do your current SQL applications not perform as needed, are expensive to maintain, need machine learning capability, and your team is stretched too thin to address these challenges?

A Splice Machine Professional Services Pod consists of a team of architects, consultants, data scientists, and is led by a Splice Machine engagement manager. The pod can embed with your team and accelerate the success of the project by taking ownership of either the entire implementation or specific workstreams.

Other Engagement Models
Splice Machine Professional Services offer additional, flexible, engagement models, to meet your specific project needs. Please contact us at [email protected] and let’s discuss in more detail.

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