Webinar: Kickstart Your Hadoop Journey with Splice Machine and m-Power

June 11, 2015
Hadoop Journey

Register now to join us on Thursday, June 25th at 11am PST/2pm EST for a webinar: Kickstart your Hadoop Journey with Splice Machine and m-Power.

While Hadoop is one of the fastest growing technologies today, unlocking its potential is not easy for most enterprises. Businesses need to have the right skill sets or have compelling use cases in the Big Data space to benefit from Hadoop.

Please register now for the webinar, Kickstart your Hadoop Journey with Splice Machine and m-Power, presented by Splice Machine’s VP of Business Development, Krishnan Parasuraman and Sal Stangarone, partner at mrc (michaels, ross & cole ltd.).

About the Splice Machine/mrc Partnership

In April, Splice Machine announced that its Hadoop RDBMS had been integrated with mrc’s m-Power platform to create a scalable option for web and mobile application developers who want to tap into large amounts of real-time data. The combined offerings of Splice Machine and m-Power enable enterprises to realize the benefits of Hadoop, without acquiring new skill sets or having to conjure up new use cases.

Splice Machine offers a relational database solution, with an ANSI SQL interface and support for ACID transactions, on top of Hadoop. It enables an organization to run OLTP applications that traditionally ran on an RDBMS, such as Oracle or IBM DB2, to seamless run on Hadoop with increased performance and significantly lower TCO. mrc’s m-power platform enables rapid development of enterprise web (and mobile web) applications, such as BI applications, reports, portals, e-commerce apps, dashboards, and more. By integrating with Splice Machine, m-Power will now deliver web application development on Hadoop.

In this webinar, you will learn how Splice Machine and m-Power can:

  • Help break up information silos within your enterprise by providing seamless access to data in real time
  • Eliminate latency associated with data processing and ETL
  • Bridge the skills gap by enabling organizations to develop future-proof data platforms without having to hire specialists or retrain their current IT organization

To learn more, and to register for the event, please click here. You can also download Splice Machine to try it for yourself here.