IoT Demo – Splice Machine Data Platform Demonstration

August 2, 2017
IoT Demo

Splice Machine recently presented a Webinar including an IOT Demo, highlighting the features of the Splice Machine Data Platform. Through Splice Machine’s hybrid capabilities, running OLAP and OLTP simultaneously, the platform can better capture, process, store and analyze the large streams of data generated by IoT devices.

Over the course of the demonstration, Mark De Visser, Vice President of Marketing at Splice Machine, and Jyotsna Ramenini,  covered the following:

  • High Performance Data Ingestion
  • Analytics and Transformation on Data-In-Motion
  • Relational DBMS, Supporting Hybrid OLTP and OLAP Processing
  • In-Memory and Non-Volatile, Row-based and Columnar Storage mechanisms
  • Support for Machine Learning with Zeppelin
  • Cloud-Delivered Elastic Scaling

Splice Machine is uniquely positioned to power predictive applications and process and analyze IoT generated data in real time. View the event on-demand to learn how Splice Machine can better manage your IoT data!