In today’s rapidly changing business environment, your mission-critical applications will be tested like never before. If you have an SQL application that is not likely to scale under increased load we have assembled a Rapid Response Team with global resources to assess and migrate it to a modern scale-out platform.

Full SQL Coverage. No Risky Rewrites.

Splice Machine is the only scale-out SQL database that supports the comprehensive SQL your applications require. We have worked with major enterprises to rapidly migrate them to a scalable architecture with 85%-100% of the application’s code requiring no changes or rewrites.

Free Implementation. Fixed DB Costs.

Splice Machine offers the operational SQL coverage and auto-sharding that can serve as a contingency plan during these unprecedented times. We are currently offering the Splice Machine database at a fixed price with no implementation charges. We are confident that we can perform this migration in a matter of weeks as we have done it for large global organizations.

Try Splice Machine here or fill out the form to talk with a solution engineer and get your application’s custom migration roadmap.

Get Your Migration Roadmap

We can quickly assess the performance of your application on our platform and the time and effort required.