Splice Machine Services

Splice Machine’s Customer Success Team brings you deep technical expertise in the Splice Machine distributed database, the entire Apache Hadoop® ecosystem and the Amazon Cloud Services on which Splice Machine is hosted.

We offer a variety of services to help you efficiently deploy the Splice Machine database and derive maximum value from your investment. These services include both implementation consulting and educational offerings delivered by our expert team. Please contact us at solutions@splicemachine.com to discuss which services are right for you.

Splice Machine Education

Administrator Training (6 Hours)

Course covering the following topics that will give a greater understanding of how to administer Splice Machine. The student will be taken through the following:

  • Intro to Splice Machine
  • How Splice Machine leverages Spark, Hadoop, HBase, and Zookeeper
  • Splice Machine technology:
    • Dual engine details (HBase and Spark)
    • Transactions
    • Optimizer details
    • Columnar/external tables
    • Future roadmap
  • Database management, monitoring and tuning:
    • Installation
    • Security and authentication including Kerberos and LDAP
    • Spark UI
    • Monitoring queries
    • Backup and restore
    • Compactions
    • Upgrades and migration
    • Diagnosing issues using logs
  • Pre-requisites:
    • Experience with DBs and DB administration
    • Course is designed for DB administrators, Big Data system administrators and developers

Developer Training (8 Hours)

Hands-on course designed for those who plan to build databases, use data and build applications using Splice Machine. The course covers the following topics:

  • Intro to Splice Machine
  • Splice Machine technology:
    • Dual engine details (HBase and Spark)
    • Transactions
    • Optimizer details
    • Columnar/external tables
    • Future roadmap
  • SQL deep-dive:
    • Import and export
    • User of keys and indices
    • Tuning for dual engine OLAP and OLTP
    • Optimizer insights
    • Best practices
    • Monitoring Spark
    • Ingestion tips
    • 3rd party tools
    • Hands-on lab
  • Pre-requisites:
    • Experience with SQL and DB development
    • Course is designed for developers, administrators, big data scientists, data migration teams

Professional Services

The professional services team is the consulting arm of the customer success organization and is staffed by senior architects and technologists. These consultants are experts in the Big Data/Hadoop ecosystem, Database administration, Data Architecture, multiple language development, System Administration, ETL and BI Framework development and deployment. Our consultants will be on-premise. The professional services team’s main goal is to delight the customers and help them in realizing the value of Splice Machine.

On-Premise Consulting

Our highly trained architects will be on the ground with you to get your project live! The professional Services architect can handle all aspects of the project lifecycle and be a force multiplier for your project staff. From ETL and BI design implementation, to database administration best practices, our consultants handle the whole range of requests. Please contact your account manager for further details.

Quick Start Program

Designed for new Splice Machine customers looking to ensure that their deployment gets started on a solid foundation, this 4 week offering provides a defined set of deliverables that helps facilitates that goal. This offering will place a technical architect on-premise to help with the initial software install/configuration, data model design and execution services and help in setting up data ingest scripts. This offering can be extended at any time.

Health Check

For existing customers of Splice Machine, this offering is a doctor’s visit for your cluster and your team. This two week engagement is a top to bottom review of everything that makes up your Splice Machine cluster(s): software configurations, performance tuning recommendations, team analysis and assessment (gap analysis), and data ingest review. The final deliverable will be a recommended roadmap document that will help set your direction. If interested, please contact your account manager for further details.

Splice Machine Migration Roadmap

For new and existing customers, this offering is a 2 week engagement with one our technical architects to help map out and plan your migration over to Splice Machine. The deliverable of this engagement is a full migration roadmap over to Splice Machine. The roadmap document will lead to smoother, more efficient migrations which can be very complex. Please contact your account manager for further details.

All Splice Machine services are provided in accordance with our Splice Machine End User License Agreement.

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