Plans & Pricing

Splice Machine Editions

Splice Machine is a cloud-based application platform that includes a scale-out relational database and integrations for data streaming and machine learning. For large scale, on-premise deployments there is an Enterprise Edition, and for evaluations and community projects there is the open source Community Edition.

Features Cloud Edition Enterprise Edition Community Edition

On-Demand Compute Nodes and Storage

Managed Backups and Restores

Integrated Jupyter Notebooks

Splice Machine Cloud Manager

Scale-Out Architecture


Concurrent Acid Transactions

OLAP and OLTP Resource Isolation

Distributed In-Memory Joins, Aggregations, Scans, and Groupings

Cost-Based Statistics / Query Optimizer

Hybrid Row-based and Columnar Storage

Compaction Optimization

Stored Procedures, Triggers, User-Defined Functions

Apache Kafka-enabled Streaming

Virtual Table Interfaces

PL/SQL Support

Backup and Restore Capabilities

Column Level Access Control


Security Features, including Kerberos

LDAP Support

New Releases and Maintenance Updates

Additional Materials and Support




Online Documentation

Community Support

24/7 Support via Web and Phone

Complimentary Account Management Services

GitHub Repository


Pricing Model

On compute and storage units per month basis

On a per node per year basis