Splice Machine on Kubernetes

Protect against cloud vendor lock-in with a unified deployment across AWS, Azure, GCP, and on-premises K8s clusters.

Simplify management of a stateful, distributed data platform on Kubernetes with the Splice Machine Kubernetes Operator.

Deploy Splice Machine with Helm Charts

Deploy Splice Machine database and ML Manager to a Kubernetes cluster using Helm Charts in minutes. Download our Helm charts from Artifact Hub.

The Splice Machine Kubernetes Ops Center

Using Splice Machine Ops Center allows you to stand up sandbox, dev, test, and production environments in minutes. Manage hundreds of Splice Machine data platform environments with integrated monitoring and alerting functionality.

Enable a culture of experimentation by allowing your developers to work on sandbox environments that precisely mimic the production environment without impacting production activities through network and resource isolation.

Pause, restart, and delete data platform environments with a single click and elastically scale clusters to meet workload demands.

Learn More About Ops Center

Watch a free webinar about Splice Machine Ops Center, the easiest way to provision, manage, and operate a collection of Splice Machine scale-out SQL databases and machine learning platforms.