The Splice Machine Hadoop RDBMS

Powered by Apache Hadoop® and Apache Spark™

Splice Machine is the open-source dual-engine relational database for mixed operational and analytical workloads, powered by Hadoop and Spark, making it a true Hadoop RDBMS. The Splice Machine RDBMS executes operational workloads on Apache HBase® and analytical workloads on Apache Spark.

Splice Machine makes it easy to create modern, real-time, scaleable applications or to offload operational and analytical workloads from expensive Oracle, Teradata, and Netezza systems. The Splice Machine RDBMS has all of the key functionality of industrial SQL databases but on a scale-out architecture typically found in less functional NoSQL systems.

The Splice Machine Hadoop RDBMS has:

  • Optimized Joins
  • Secondary indexes
  • Aggregations
  • ACID Transactions
  • Concurrent small reads and writes (CRUD operations)
  • Stored Procedures
  • Triggers
  • Constraints
  • Window Functions

For New Applications

Splice Machine is like a Lambda Architecture in-a-box. We make it very easy to use specialized compute engines for the right workload but do not require the developer to integrate those engines. Developers can use standard SQL to ingest, access, update, and analyze the database without worrying about what compute engine to use because the Splice Machine optimizer picks the right compute engine, already integrated, based on the nature of the query.

This makes Splice Machine ideal to build new, real-time, reactive applications as well as a platform that can offload data from existing databases for existing applications.

For Existing Applications

The Splice Machine RDBMS was designed to offload workloads from overwhelmed RDBMSs like Oracle, MySQL, IBM DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server that companies are finding are too expensive to scale. Splice Machine provides cost-effective scale out on commodity hardware, but unlike NoSQL databases, it provides standard SQL, eliminating the need to rewrite existing applications.

Easy To Operate

  • Easy to manage – Available as database-as-a-service on AWS with automated operations and management functionality
  • Easy to install – Download parcels for all major distros to your cluster or private cloud
  • Easy to secure – LDAP, access privileges, Kerberos, and encryption
  • Easy to meet SLAs – High availability and incremental backup
  • Resource isolation – By dedicating CPU and RAM resources to each engine via Linux and YARN, Spark and HBase don’t interfere with each other and can be separately managed.
  • Multi-tenancy – Using YARN, manage many instances on a single Hadoop cluster

Learn more about the features of the Splice Machine RDBMS.