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Overview for Data Scientists

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Dynamic Product Configuration

Once your customer is in a buying motion, how can you get them to complete an application for a loan or an insurance policy? Financial services products are complex with a number of available options and choices that can be used to customize the base product.

Using machine learning, you can present the most likely packages that are pre-configured to the client need leading to higher conversion rates.

Key Splice Machine Features

Experiment Freely

With MLflow as part of ML Manager, data scientists have complete freedom to experiment and compare models based on key parameters, versions, and...

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Train Model

Splice Manager data platform empowers data scientists to remove the latency in training their models by providing access to the most current data...

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Deploy Seamlessly

ML Manager provides data scientists with end-to-end model lifecycle management. Once the data scientists have selected their model, MLflow packages models into Docker...

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Run Models Faster

The Splice Machine Native Spark DataSource provides dramatic performance improvements for large scale data operations. The Native Spark DataSource works directly on native...

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Data Scientist Resources


How To Finally Get ROI from Your Data Science Investment

In this white paper, you'll learn how Splice Machine's feature store allows you to find...

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What Is a Feature Store?

Learn how feature stores save data scientists time and energy, and allow ML models to make more accurate predictions that...

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Feature Store Workshop

Watch Splice Machine's feature store workshop, where you will learn how to build a feature store, train your favorite ML models on...

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Solutions by Industry

See how Splice Machine can bring the power of operational AI to data-driven industries.

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