Creating the Data-Driven Future of
Care, Research and Insurance

Healthcare is a very human field. It centers on treating patients as effectively and efficiently as possible to keep them healthy or remedy their condition. Yet, more and more, it is the intelligent use of data that is driving advancements across the continuum of care. From healthcare providers using machine learning to uncover new findings in clinical data to insurance companies systematically rooting out fraud to pharmaceutical companies creating new treatments and new usages by mining data, the age of data-driven healthcare is here.

The Splice Machine data platform gives organizations a path to modernizing the purpose-built applications they rely on, infusing them with agility, intelligence and responsiveness.

Measuring Success


Decrease code blue events

Offer personalized care

Increase operational efficiency


Improve claim fraud detection

Create total patient visibility

Drive value-based reimbursement


Improve targeting of patients for clinical trials

Identify opportunities for drug repurposing

Power precision medicine initiatives

Healthcare organizations have different measures of success depending on their specific area of focus. Splice Machine has been helping customers improve these performance indicators.

Healthcare Solutions

Splice Machine can be used to modernize a variety of in-the-moment applications that help achieve these KPIs for healthcare organizations.

Fraud Detection

Anywhere from 3 to 10 percent of annual US healthcare spending is involved in improper billings, resulting in up to $200 billion in lost revenues for the healthcare system.

By using machine learning and predictive analytics on the Splice Machine platform, insurance companies can proactively identify suspect payments and prevent them from going out the door instead of using the ‘pay and chase’ payment recovery model with its provider partners.

Data-Driven Value-Based Care

On Splice Machine, insurers can combine claims data with clinical data, electronic health records, lab results, patient-generated data, and other key data sets in a single, integrated data platform.

With a single patient profile, they can better identify opportunities to improve outcomes and help empower providers to provide individualized care that supports value-based reimbursement programs.

Personalized Medicine

Growth in the AI health market is expected to reach $6.6 billion by 2021, and—according to Accenture—the combined deployment of key clinical health AI applications can potentially create $150 billion in annual savings for the U.S. healthcare economy by 2026.

With Splice Machine, organizations can leverage high volumes of patient data and machine learning to help identify and deliver more precise medical treatment options in a timely fashion.

Real-Time Patient Analytics

Healthcare organizations are able to bring together numerous data sources in a single platform on Splice Machine, enabling clinicians to have insights in the moment.

From identifying which patients are most likely to go into septic shock based on historical and real-time data, to spotting trends in its population that can help them rethink the care they are providing, healthcare providers can deliver better patient outcomes.

The Solution: Modernize Healthcare Applications

Splice Machine can take you on a journey of scaling your application on a new scale-out SQL architecture, unifying analytics into one platform and injecting machine learning directly onto this app platform. Our process can also get you there faster – in months – without needing to hire infrastructure experts.

Interested in modernizing applications at your organization?