Cluster Confirmation 2.8

Thanks! Download Your Copy of Splice Machine Now!

This page shows you how to access the downloads of Splice Machine Community Edition 2.8 based on your desired platform. For installation instructions across all platforms, visit our documentation site.

What’s Next?

For Cloudera, there is a parcel that you access from within Cloudera using a plugin URL.

For CDH installs, copy the appropriate URL below into the Remote Parcel Repository URLs under Hosts->Parcels->Configuration.

For Cloudera CDH 5.16.1:

For Cloudera CDH 5.14.0:

For Cloudera CDH 5.13.3:

For Cloudera CDH 5.12.2 (Spark 2.3):

For Cloudera CDH 5.12.2 (Spark 2.2):


For Hortonworks, there is an installer to download that needs to be copied to your cluster to install.

HDP 2.6.5 (rpm):
HDP 2.65 Installer
HDP 2.65 Ambari Installer

HDP 2.6.4 (rpm):
HDP 2.64 Installer
HDP 2.64 Ambari Installer

HDP 2.6.3 (rpm):
HDP 2.63 Installer
HDP 2.63 Ambari Installer


Again, for installation instructions across all platforms for version 2.8, visit our documentation site.

Visit for more resources including how to sign up for our community Slack channel.