Set up Splice Machine in minutes and start powering your applications on a scale-out, ANSI SQL database.

  • Full ANSI SQL database
  • Power apps with simultaneous OLAP & OLTP workloads
  • Ingest millions of records and process thousands of transactions in nanoseconds
  • Elastically scale resources as needed
  • We’ve got you covered – availability, backups, monitoring and alerts

What Is Splice Machine?

The Splice Machine platform combines a SQL RDBMS, data warehouse, and ML platform in one.

By removing the duct tape from your data architecture, Splice Machine delivers better business outcomes faster.

This is the database we’ve been looking for to power our IoT applications. Splice Machine has a great combination of simple SQL and hard-core SQL that any user can pick-up. It’s super-fast, it’s easy to use – we were up and running in no time and it was over 10 times faster than our previous workloads on SQL Server.

Other Ways to Try Splice Machine

Standalone Community Edition Version 2.7

Download to your local Mac OS X, CentOS or Ubuntu system to easily give it a try.

Instructions for Installing Standalone

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Cluster Community Edition Version 2.8

Deploy Splice Machine on your Cloudera, Hortonworks or MapR cluster.

Instructions for deploying on your Cloudera, Hortonworks or MapR cluster

Get Started Now

Source Code Community Edition Version 2.8

Access the Community Edition source code on our GitHub repository.

Read the Getting Started and Read Me files

Go to GitHub

Enterprise Cluster License Splice Machine Version 2.7

Deploy Splice Machine on premise with the full capabilities of the Enterprise Edition.

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Splice Machine in the Cloud

The intelligent application platform, available on AWS and Azure.