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The Only Scale-Out SQL Database with Built-In Machine Learning

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Unique Combination of Engines

  • Scale-out architecture with auto-sharding handles OLTP & OLAP SQL workloads
  • Create, deploy and manage your ML models at any scale
  • Deploy on public or private clouds or on-premises with Kubernetes

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The Splice Machine Cloud

  • Leave the complexity of operations to us
  • We do the backups, provide you operating metrics, and searchable logs
  • Scale up or down, pause and restart

Distributed OLTP

  • Handles both operational and analytical workloads on separate engines automatically
  • Automatically distributes your data for performance and scalability
  • Full ACID-compliant SQL makes it easy to even migrate legacy applications
Vector Smart Object

Unified End-to-End
Machine Learning Platform

  • RDBMS and ML Platform combined for immediate access to data and easy model deployment in applications
  • Out-of-the-box integration of Jupyter, SciKit, Keras, Tensorflow, H2O, SparkML, Conda, and easy to expand
  • Seamlessly integrated experiment management with built-in MLFLow and unprecedented lineage for governance

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