In today’s rapidly changing business environment, your contact center applications will be tested like never before. Your contact center volumes may increase significantly and immediately while you are operating with a diminished workforce. The need for your customer-facing applications to scale elastically will be crucial to your business.

Splice Machine is a scalable SQL database that enables companies to modernize their legacy and custom applications to be agile, data-rich, and intelligent – all without rewriting them. Our customers gain scalability for their mission-critical applications by simply migrating their underlying database to the Splice Machine platform. With Splice Machine you can elastically deploy your modern application in the cloud without vendor lock-in.

To help businesses continue to provide excellent service to their customers under unexpected loads, we are offering a fixed price, fixed bid for both the software and engagement. We are confident that we can perform this migration in a matter of weeks as we have done it for some of the largest organizations in the U.S. and Europe using our DB2 compatibility mode and PL/SQL execution engine.

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