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Our team works with the latest technology and tools in an open and collaborative distributed work environment. Our work culture inspires people to do their very best. We offer competitive salaries, generous equity and wellness coverage, as well as the flexibility to seize moments of inspiration among other meaningful perks.

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Amrit Baveja

Machine Learning Engineer

​It wasn’t only the people that made this internship an exceptional learning and growth experience; it was also the projects I was given. My first task was to propose and implement a machine learning lifecycle management solution on top of their Zeppelin notebook interface. Working alongside Monte and the VP Engineering, I researched different platforms and ended up integrating an existing open source machine learning platform, MLFlow into Splice Machine. I not only gleaned an immense amount of knowledge from this task, but I also enjoyed doing it.

Ao Zeng

Database Engineer

My internship at Splice Machine was an invaluable experience for me. Even as an intern, Splice Machine treated me with great trust. Instead of having me work on trivial issues, the company gave me the opportunity to experience a full software lifecycle, developing a new feature for actual customers. The feature allows users to write their own stored procedure and functions in Python. Everybody in the company was very supportive, helping me to succeed.

Our Interns Get Mission-Critical Assignments

My internships while I was a student at Carnegie Mellon University were amazing. I learned while working with some of the greatest minds in AI. I was hungry to get my hands on impossible problems, and was given a chance to prove myself.

My goal is for everyone who interns at Splice Machine to have a mind-bending hard, memorable, and rewarding experience and to recognize their contributions with our greatest prize, Splice Machine stock options.’

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– Monte Zweben, CEO and Co-Founder, Splice Machine

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Interns are assigned important projects by their mentor which require a lot of learning and hard work to complete. Interns who successfully complete their projects earn Splice Machine stock.

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Competitive Salaries

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Health & Well-Being

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your favorite cafe. It’s on us.

Clean Workspace

If your home is your office too, we’ll
clean it for free.

Free Books & Classes

We offer an allowance just for books
and classes.

Fast Track Your Travel

We’ll pay for your TSA PreCheck to
get to team events faster.

Keep Growing

Attend conferences to present and
learn. We’ll sponsor you!

Volunteer In The Community

We’ll help you find time to
help others.

All Team Gathering

Teams meet twice a year for fun-filled work sessions at a geographic location the team selects.

All Company Gathering

The entire company gathers once a year for three days to reflect and plan for the future year.

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