Code Repository

Splice Machine is available as an open source, full-featured Community Edition and as a commercial Enterprise Edition.

With the open source code of the Community Edition you can build and deploy a fully functioning RDBMS. It is licensed under the AGPL 3.0 license.



Contributing to the Project

We welcome you to try the source code for yourself and make contributions to continue to improve it.

  1. Enhance Splice Machine. Our open source repository can be found on GitHub at Instructions for building can be found in the and files at the root of the project. When ready to dive in, developers should Fork off of the codeline, make changes, run tests to validate fixes, and submit pull requests. We plan to shortly flag those JIRA issues that should be good starter tasks. Note: the Program Management Committee has final say in which code is accepted into the code line.
  2. Report Issues. As you use the product, please file any issues you find. Our JIRA page for bug tracking is found at:
  3. Documentation. If you find issues or opportunities for improvement with the documentation, tutorials or have information that others may find useful, file a JIRA to have them posted.
  4. Help others in the Community. questions may come in through the Slack channel, or Stack Overflow



Project Management

The project’s Program Management Committee (PMC) – the committee with general oversight over the project, includes:

  • Monte Zweben
  • Gene Davis

They can be reached at [email protected].

CommittersIndividuals with authority to check in code directly and approve Pull Requests – initially these are the development team at Splice Machine.

Release ScheduleReleases are defined using “major.minor.patch” numbering. A release “train” will go out approximately every 2 weeks as a patch, assuming the codeline passess all relevant QA tests. After an appropriate number of patches or improvements is checked in, minor and/or major release updates will be released through approval of the PMC.



Questions? Feedback? We want to hear from you!

We have multiple channels for community interaction: