White Paper: Your IoT Apps Deserve a Better Data Platform

April 30, 2017

The Internet of Things is experiencing rapid growth. While there were an estimated 17 billion internet-connected devices in 2016, the number of devices is projected to grow to an astounding 30 billion devices by 2020. During this period of growth, the amount of data being collected from IoT devices will undoubtedly overload many of today’s traditional databases, making it hard for companies to get the most out of their IoT apps.

Our latest white paper, “Your IoT Apps Deserve a Better Data Platform,” discusses the requirements for a modern IoT application platform – one that can capture, process, store and analyze the large streams of data generated by IoT devices.

These requirements include:

  • High Performance Data Ingestions which can scale to high-frequency, highly concurrent operational queries and large scale analytic workloads
  • Analytics and Transformation on Data-In-Motion
  • Relational DBMS, Supporting Hybrid OLTP and OLAP Processing
  • In-Memory and Non-Volatile, Row-based and Columnar Storage
  • Support for Machine Learning
  • Cloud-Delivered Elastic Scaling

Splice Machine is uniquely designed to handle IoT data ingestion, integrating tightly with messaging systems such as Kafka and Kinesis to perform a variety of functions on the data before it has even been committed to the database. In addition, Splice Machine boasts HTAP capabilities, allowing for hybrid OLTP and OLAP processing, on a scale-out, cloud-based platform for real-time analytics and machine learning capabilities that can be based on IoT data.

IoT has already become a staple in our society today, and it’s only going to become more prominent across industries, including manufacturing, transportation, retail, healthcare, finance and the supply chain. To ensure that your business runs smoothly and that your IoT apps run without a hitch, choose a data platform that meets the requirements of modern IoT applications.

To learn more about the requirements for a modern IoT application platform, you can download “Your IoT Apps Deserve a Better Data Platform” here.