What Can Real-Time Updates do for Your App?

June 14, 2013
Real-Time Updates

When building web, desktop or mobile apps, the ability to update massive databases in real-time versus waiting for batch ETL processes to run can be a powerful differentiator.

With real-time updates, consumer marketers can increase margins with personalization engines that optimize messages and offers, financial institutions can reduce losses with faster fraud detection systems and hospitals can reduce costly readmissions by detecting complications faster in electronic medical records.

Streaming data from machine logs, devices, and sensors requires real-time updates as well. Analysts predict there will be 50 connected devices per person in the US by 2020, making the Internet of Things a game changer…or a back breaker.

So are today’s companies ready for this data revolution? Traditional databases can certainly provide real-time updates, but they do not scale well. Hadoop-based solutions can handle massive datasets, but current SQL-on-Hadoop query engines such as Hive or Cloudera Impala cannot support real-time updates.

The Splice SQL Engine™ enables real-time transactional updates on massive datasets. We extended HBase to provide real-time updates with transactional integrity across rows, regions and tables. By combining HBase with a full-featured ANSI SQL database, high-throughput ACID transactions, and secondary indexes, we’re hoping to lead the way to a new generation of real-time applications.