Splice Machine Is Going Open Source

June 7, 2016
Open Source invitation

We are very excited to announce that Splice Machine is going open source! More importantly, we’re thrilled to welcome a larger audience to use our database. We invite open source contributors, mentors, sponsors and champions in database architecture and development to the open source platform in order help guide and support the transition to open source and shape the next generation of Splice Machine’s relational database features.

So what does this mean for Splice Machine customer and Big Data developers?

The move to open source means that major enterprises and small businesses alike will have the peace of mind they demand because…

  • more developers will be able to utilize the Splice Machine RDBMS than ever before;
  • the technology will be enriched, tested and benchmarked by a vibrant developer community; and
  • the RDBMS will evolve more quickly based on the feedback, input and needs of developers.

Now backed by the innovation-driving force of the open source community, the Splice Machine dual-engine RDBMS – powered by Spark and Hadoop – provides exceptional performance for simultaneous OLAP and OLTP workloads, enabling companies to unlock the insights in their Big Data to make decisions in the moment.

With the support and contributions of the open source developer community, we will continue to add features to support a wide range of enterprise needs. This work will build on Splice Machine’s current foundation, which includes:

    • ANSI SQL-99 coverage, including full DDL and DML
    • ACID transactions with Snapshot Isolation semantics
    • In-place updates that scale from one row to millions with a single transaction
    • Secondary indexing in both unique and non-unique forms
    • Referential integrity, such as Primary and Foreign key constraints
    • Join algorithms like broadcast, merge, batch nested loop and more
    • Resource isolation enabled by a cost-based optimizer

Splice Machine is seeking open source contributors, mentors, sponsors and champions including those with with expertize in Java, Python, Scalp, NodeJS, Annular.js, ReactJs, C++ or CSharp. Apply here to receive early access to Splice Machine source code, new features and architecture. All applicants will be invited to join the open source community once released later this year.

Do you have any questions or comments on how to get involved? Let us hear them below or contact us at info@SpliceMachine.com or @SpliceMachine.