Webinar: Real-Time Big Data Use Cases for Applications and Analytics

June 10, 2014
Real-Time Big Data Use Cases

As the provider of the only Hadoop RDBMS, Splice Machine helps customers power Big Data analytics and applications that rely on real-time data updates and real-time queries to deliver value.

To date, most Big Data and Hadoop use cases have focused on ETL and batch analytics. However, there is a new class of Big Data use cases emerging: powering real-time applications and analytics.

New SQL-on-Hadoop technologies enable real-time, interactive queries on Hadoop. In other cases, RDBMS technology is being married to the scale-out technology of Hadoop to enable reliable real-time updates.

Real Time Big Data Use Cases

A Hadoop RDBMS with real-time analytics and applications running on Hadoop can transform your business.

Increase your knowledge of SQL-on-Hadoop solutions and learn when it makes sense to use them for database replacements and data warehouse offloads

Learn how you can speed up response times by 3x-10x while reducing costs by 75 percent compared with traditional RDBMSs

Get expert advice to avoid common pitfalls when migrating from existing databases

Learn best practices on how to support real-time applications on your Hadoop deployment

Join us as we discuss replacing traditional RDBMSs (e.g., Oracle and MySQL) struggling to scale for real-time applications, how Big Data scale-out technology enables new applications, and issues that arise when migrating from existing databases and how to avoid them.