Watch Webinar: Using Your Whole Data Lake

June 5, 2018

Did you miss our recent webinar with GigaOm? ‘Using Your Whole Data Lake: How the Operational Facilitates the Predictive’ is now available to re-watch online.

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Many corporations have attempted to set up their first data lake and have spent significant money and resources to connect their CRM, ERP and HR to it. Then, after companies have a well-designed data repository … it just sits there.

‘Using Your Whole Data Lake’ explores how to leverage data lakes as the underpinning of application platforms, driving efficient operations, and predictive analytics that support real-time decisions. The webinar features GigaOm analyst Andrew Brust, and Splice Machine CEO and Co-Founder, Monte Zweben.

In one hour, you’ll learn:

  • Why data latency is the enemy and data currency is key to digital transformation success
  • Why operational database workloads, analytics and construction of predictive models should not be segregated activities
  • How operational databases can support continually trained predictive models