Watch Webinar: Execute Distributed ACID-Compliant Transactions on Petabytes

March 11, 2019

Splice Machine customers use the platform to power their mission-critical applications. But how does a data platform built on top of Apache HBase and Apache Spark execute ACID-compliant transactions, on petabytes of data, while maintaining the performance to power smart applications that make decisions in real time?

In this deep dive webinar, Distributed Transactional Processing on Splice Machine, Chief Architect, Daniel Gómez Ferro, presents Splice Machine’s unique HTAP architecture that handles rapid queries and updates on massive datasets.

During the webinar, you’ll learn more about Splice Machine’s distributed transactional processing:

  • Distributed MVCC implementation of Snapshot Isolation
  • Hierarchical transactions that enable parallelization of work with independent tasks
  • Apache Spark transactional processing
  • In-memory subtransactions for better OLTP performance
  • Optimizations and caching for real-world applications

Watch Webinar + Next Steps

After watching the webinar here, Daniel and the Splice Machine engineering team are available to answer any of your questions in our Community Slack channel. Or you can learn and try Splice Machine through a Dockerized instance that includes training modules.

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