Talend Partnership Streamlines Data Workflows on Hadoop

May 5, 2015
Data Workflows

A common struggle for data-driven enterprises is managing unnecessarily complicated data workflows with bloated ETL pipelines and a lack of native system integration.

To help solve the most common Big Data integration issues, Splice Machine has partnered with Talend, a global leader in Big Data integration software.

Our partnership will bring together an IT architecture to enable customers to simplify data integration and streamline data workflows for real-time operational applications on Hadoop.

Organizations that wish to build operational data lakes with Splice Machine can augment Talend’s data integration technology with its data quality capabilities. These tools can profile data, identity anomalies, cleanse, and monitor data quality on the Splice Machine Hadoop RDBMS.

We are proud to partner with Talend to bring our customers the benefit of two different approaches for managing data integration affordably – and at scale.