Takeaways from Strata 2013

March 8, 2013
Strata 2013

Recently, Splice Machine took second place from the judges of Strata’s Startup Showcase event at the O’Reilly Strata Conference in Santa Clara. Although it felt great to be recognized by industry leaders, we quickly got back to work on the Splice SQL Engine™. We learned a lot at Strata and wanted to share with you some takeaways from our team members who attended the show.

What was your favorite part of Strata?

My favorite part of Strata was that the industry validated the importance of SQL!
– Monte Zweben, Co-Founder and CEO

I really liked the openness of the community to new ideas and approaches to Big Data.
– John Leach, Co-Founder and CTO

My favorite part of Strata was being on the Expo floor and talking to customers. It’s a great way to learn how customers can use Hadoop and Splice Machine.
– Rich Reimer, VP, Product Management

I really liked speaking with people about what Splice Machine can offer and others can’t.
– Jesse Zhang, Senior Architect

Name one thing you learned from Strata that you would like to incorporate into your strategy moving forward.

I thought the exhibition hall was an order of magnitude bigger than Strata/Hadoop World 2012 in New York and really shows the maturity curve of the industry.
– Zweben

Strata reminded me that Big Data, especially around Hadoop, is a community and it’s a big plus that our software allows other products to work alongside the Splice SQL Engine.
– Leach

SQL on Hadoop is BIG – but people are confused by all of the offerings out there. We learned that it helps to explain Splice Machine this way: You may have heard about a lot of SQL on Hadoop solutions, but they are almost all read-only for analytics. Splice Machine is the only full-featured transactional SQL database on Hadoop that can handle both transactional and analytic workloads.
– Reimer

Next year, we should have a much louder presence at this conference.
– Zhang

What was one educational panel you saw and something you learned from that session?

The Spark hands-on tutorial was really cool.
– Zweben

Bahman Bahmani, a PhD Stanford student, speaking on sketching algorithms. It reminded me that something as studied and researched as “page rank,” can be done better by re-imagining the problem.
– Leach

I was intrigued by the explosion of new Hadoop distributions, including Intel and EMC. There is potential for confusion, but the marketing dollars from Intel and EMC will help make Hadoop more mainstream. This will benefit everyone in the Hadoop ecosystem, including Splice Machine.
– Reimer

Tim O’Brien’s “The Future of Relational (or why you can’t escape SQL)” was awesome and reinforced our approach to SQL on Hadoop.
– Zhang

Did you attend Strata 2013? What were your takeaways?