Splice Machine to Exhibit at Structure Data 2016

March 8, 2016
Structure Data 2016

We’re excited to announce that Splice Machine be exhibiting at Structure Data 2016!  Structure Data will bring together top Big Data analysts, technologists and companies who are implementing bold data strategies.

Find us in San Francisco in the networking lounge on Wednesday and Thursday on March 9th and 10th or follow along online at #StructureData, @Structure Data and @splicemachine, as well as our CEO @MonteZweben. We’ll be taking meetings and talking about Splice Machine’s new dual-engine database platform that uniquely leverages the in-memory technology of Spark and the scale-out capabilities of Hadoop. This hybrid architecture allows Splice Machine to replace Oracle® and MySQL™ databases, while increasing performance by 10-20x at one-fourth the cost, enabling businesses to unlock the insights in their Big Data to make decisions in the moment.

Structure Data will feature interviews with enterprise data decision-makers, as well as the executives driving the world of Big Data software and the researchers taking technologies like artificial intelligence from the lab to our living rooms. Speakers will include the best tech has to offer, hailing from the likes of Google, Pinterest, AirBnB, Fast Company, Twitter, NPR, MIT and more, covering topics like:

  • How artificial intelligence and machine learning are already touching our lives, and where they’ll go next
  • Now that “big” isn’t enough, what is the future of data-management software?
  • How the world’s most innovative companies are using data to keep users happy and revenue flowing
  • Why the Internet of Things is making us rethink how we build products and manage data
  • The state of cybersecurity and whether advanced data analysis can really help thwart attacks
  • The secrets to selling enterprise software in a world where open source and cloud computing are the new normal
  • How the biggest names in media are growing readership – and building brands – around data
  • The democratization of data analysis, from next-generation visualization machine learning APIs.
  • and more!

Learn more about speakers and registration options here: www.structuredata.com

To schedule a meeting with Splice Machine, please send an email to info@splicemachine.com.