Splice Machine Partners with MapR Technologies

December 20, 2013
MapR Technologies

We’re excited to announce that we have partnered with MapR Technologies, the leader in Hadoop technology for Big Data deployments. This partnership brings our SQL-on-Hadoop database to MapR’s enterprise Hadoop platform, enabling companies to use MapR to build their real-time Hadoop applications.

We are strategic about who we choose to partner with. MapR provides a strong foundation for our customers, thanks to their enterprise-grade functionality, proven results with massive datasets and built-in security. In turn, Splice Machine enables MapR distribution customers to use a standard ANSI SQL database that supports real-time updates with transactional integrity, an important feature for companies looking to become real-time, data-driven businesses.

Splice Machine is built on top of the Hadoop and HBase ecosystem, so it was important for us to provide customers with the ability to tap into the performance and security enhancements that the MapR Hadoop distribution provides. We look forward to a successful partnership with MapR as we work together to expand the Hadoop market beyond batch analysis to power real-time Big Data enterprise applications!

If you are interested in partnering with Splice Machine, give us a shout at info@splicemachine.com.

Monte Zweben, CEO
Splice Machine