Splice Machine is now HDP Certified

January 27, 2015

Built on top of the HDFS and Apache HBase components in the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), Splice Machine is delighted to announce that it has completed the required integration testing with HDP. Customers can now take full advantage of Apache Hadoop by incorporating their OLTP and OLAP applications.

Splice Machine makes Hadoop transactional to power real-time applications

Splice Machine’s database supports ANSI-standard SQL and enables businesses to scale real-time operational and analytical applications without significant rewrites. By achieving HDP Certification, Splice Machine offers users the ability to extend Hadoop by supporting real-time updates with transactional integrity.


Splice Machine and Hortonworks complement one another by including all of the necessary components to support an Apache Hadoop-based data lake. Massive data sets from various sources, such as OLTP and CRM systems, web logs, and social media, are managed and analyzed to gain better insight and make more informed business decisions.

In working with companies across a variety of industries, Splice Machine has identified that its partnership with Hortonworks can be transformative for such applications as digital marketing and the Internet of Things, among others. With HDP Certification, Splice Machine enables businesses to unlock Big Data value via hyper-personalized web, social, and mobile applications that increase customer retention and revenue.

As leaders in expanding and empowering the Apache Hadoop ecosystem, Splice Machine and Hortonworks provide businesses access to a reliable and secure enterprise data platform. This recent Certification only solidifies Splice Machine as an essential foundation in next-generation data architecture or Modern Data Architecture.

To learn more about the Splice Machine and Hortonworks partnership, please click here.