Splice Machine Now Available to Download

May 13, 2014

The entire Splice Machine team is proud to announce the release of our public beta. After extensive development and testing, the only Hadoop RDBMS can now be downloaded here.

If you’re not familiar with Splice Machine, let’s take a look at some of the key features and how you can get started with the beta.

What is the Splice Machine database?

We say that Splice Machine is the only Hadoop RDBMS. Finally, Hadoop can power real-time, transactional applications.

Hadoop is an open source project that is known for its ability to handle massive data sets with proven scale-out on commodity hardware. However, it is also known for batch processing, which at its most negative connotation would equate to running a lengthy ETL process from a production database to Hadoop and then running queries against it overnight. For many early adopters, Hadoop meant that new decisions were being made on old data, but at least there was a system that could handle gigantic data volume.

RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) is a category that dates back to 1970 and has broad usage in the enterprise. Led by software giants like Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and SAP, the RDBMS market is very mature and very entrenched. Yet, the RDBMS is a system emerging from the kilobyte age trying to succeed in a petabyte/exabyte world. The exponential growth of data volume in the past few years has put RDBMSs – and RDBMS users – under an expensive strain.

What we’ve done is combine the best of Hadoop and RDBMS solutions in one platform. You get the scalability, distributed computing, replication, and failover capabilities of Hadoop. Splice Machine then adds the full SQL support and transactions with ACID compliance you would expect from an RDBMS.

By creating a full-featured, transactional SQL database on Hadoop, Splice Machine moves Hadoop beyond its batch analytics heritage to power your operational applications and real-time analytics.

What Can You Do With the Beta?

We’ve made a standalone version of Splice Machine available for immediate download. The standalone version installs quickly on your MacOS, Windows or Linux (Ubuntu or CentOS) computer, and enables rapid access to Splice Machine’s capabilities. It’s an excellent way to experiment with Splice Machine with a reasonably small amount of data.

Once you’ve installed Splice Machine, you can import sample data and run sample SQL queries against it. If you ever have any questions about running the Splice Machine database, our extensive documentation has a lot of answers to common questions.

If you’ve worked with the standalone version and then want to try working with large amounts of data, you can deploy the clustered version. It runs on a cluster of Linux (Ubuntu or CentOS) machines and allows Splice Machine to access large amounts of data that are spread across the cluster. Fill out the form here to request access to the clustered version.

Now that you know more about Splice Machine, download the beta and get started. Or, if you’d like to understand more about Splice Machine, download our white paper for a deeper look at how it works and the benefits it can deliver to your business.

We’re excited for what’s next and we hope you are too.

Monte, John, and Gene

Co-founders of Splice Machine