Splice Machine Limited Release: Where Are We Now?

November 22, 2013
Limited Release

It’s been a month since we announced our Limited Release program asking for 50 evaluators. We have a very strong response by companies interested in trying our real-time transactional SQL-on-Hadoop database.

A lot of movement has taken place around Splice Machine and we’re happy to fill you on what you may have missed:

  • We had a very successful Strata Conference + Hadoop World. Our CEO Monte Zweben, along with our executive team, connected with some of the top thought leaders in Big Data, and shared details on our Limited Release program as well as reactions from our current high-impact proof of concept customers.
  • The Splice Machine team is growing on the engineering and business side as we prepare for GA of the product.

Here’s a taste of what the media has been saying about us: