Realizing the Promise of Real-Time, Omni-Channel Marketing

April 17, 2015

If you follow Splice Machine on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, you may have seen the announcement about our partnership with RedPoint Global, a leader in data management and digital marketing software. Our hope is that, with this partnership, organizations can stop “spray and pray” marketing and begin to leverage the scalability and cost-efficiencies of Hadoop to achieve the benefits of personalized, real-time marketing.

We made the announcement at MarTech 2015 to help organizations understand the benefits of integrating marketing technology into their business strategy and operations for a unified approach to connecting with their customers. Between our massively scalable database technology and RedPoint’s next-generation, cross-channel marketing and data quality technology, we can now deliver the first marketing platform that can use Big Data to power the hyper-personalized, real-time interactions needed to engage today’s omni-channel customer.

What does this mean for you, the marketer? We are enabling companies to aggregate data to create 360-degree views of their customers, and communicate relevant offers and messages at the right moment and right touch point for the best possible outcome.

Splice Machine RedPoint Architecture

We’ve worked closely with the RedPoint team to integrate and certify our Hadoop RDBMS on RedPoint’s Convergent Marketing Platform. By affordably incorporating data from a variety of sources (such as CRM, web, ecommerce, social, email and POS) to create real-time, cross-channel offers, the joint solution gives marketers a new generation of data technology that powers hyper-personalized and instant customer interactions.

Want to learn more about Splice Machine and RedPoint’s Big Data marketing platform? Contact us today.