Splice Machine Chosen as an Eligible NTIS Joint Venture Partner

November 10, 2016
NTIS Joint Venture Partner

Splice Machine is excited to announce its partnership with the U.S. Commerce Department’s National Technical Information Service (NTIS). NTIS revealed the 35 organizations that have the eligibility to become joint venture partners (JVPs) of the department following an extensive, merit-based evaluation process.

“We expect the new data science platforms, tools and apps created through these partnerships to help agencies save time and money through innovative, effective ways to manage data in carrying out their mission and operations,” said NTIS Director Avi Bender. “By working on challenging data problems, NTIS JVPs will be in a position to leverage spin-off benefits through improvements to their data products and services.”

As a JVP, Splice Machine will have the ability to provide services for the U.S. Commerce Department as well as other various government departments and entities. Government programs working with NTIS will have access to Splice Machine’s database in addition to other various benefits that Splice Machine offers.

“The NTIS JVP program gives us a unique opportunity to power intelligent applications that tap into the wealth of federal data resources and drive innovation at a national level,” said Splice Machine CEO Monte Zweben. “With the advancements being made every day in machine learning and artificial intelligence, this program and its participants can help propel government agencies forward, from audacious moon shots to seemingly mundane data sharing.”

The NTIS is a division of the Department of Commerce that’s purpose is to help federal agencies make better decisions about data. This department does this by providing support and structure to its partners securely store, analyze, sort, and aggregate data in new ways. The addition of the Joint Venture program allows NTIS and its partners to work side by side to better experiment and manage data science technologies before they are available commercially in the marketplace.

To learn more about Splice Machine’s involvement in the program, read the recent press release here.