Lucidworks Partnership Brings Full-Text Search to Splice Machine Customers

October 20, 2014
Lucidworks Partnership

We are excited to announce another milestone for Splice Machine!

We are now partners with Lucidworks, the only company that delivers enterprise-grade search development platforms built on the power of Apache Lucene/Solr open source search.

So what does this mean for our customers?

Our partnership with Lucidworks will enable non-technical users (those other than developers, analysts and data scientists) to access and analyze their unstructured data quickly, without being proficient in SQL. Application users will also have access to Lucidworks’ enterprise-class features, such as advanced search and indexing, to fuel new data insights in use cases such as:

  • Searching through open comments in social media and marketing apps
  • Searching through log entries in IoT, security and fraud applications
  • Searching for content on web, mobile and social applications

Lucidworks’ technology makes it easy to find records across multiple tables that match patterns, while SQL powers application logic and analysis. We have essentially leveled the Big Data playing field, so more of our customers have the right tools to make powerful, data-driven decisions across the enterprise.

Do you have any questions or comments on how these powerful text search features can make a difference in your applications ? Let us hear them below.