Looking for Early Adopters for DBaaS

January 27, 2017

By Monte Zweben, CEO and co-founder of Splice Machine

I am so excited divulge here that Splice Machine will launch its cloud-based DBaaS in 2017. Soon you will be able to go to SpliceMachine.com and provision a clustered, scale-out, hybrid OLTP/OLAP database in minutes, and we will operate it for you.

Instead of provisioning both a cloud RDBMS (like AWS RDS) to run your apps and a cloud data warehouse (like AWS Redshift) to run analytics, now you can provision one hybrid RDBMS. This avoids paying for two engines, duplicate storage, and tons of I/O costs to transfer data, as well as removing all the ETL and operations headaches.

We are now looking for a few very special early adopters of this service. Back in 1999, Marc Benioff asked me if Blue Martini Software would be the first customer of Salesforce.com. He promised to delight us with white glove service and offered a great financial proposition. They  rocked it and to this day I’ve been a loyal customer. Now I’m looking for our early partners who will also receive great financial incentives and unbelievable white-glove service.

The ideal customer meets these 5 criteria:

  1. You need to power an application with an RDBMS;
  2. You need to perform extensive analytics;
  3. You don’t want to move data back and forth between data engines;
  4. You have 5TB to 2PB of data;
  5. You can start a trial in February.

Fill out this form or let me know if you want to apply. We will delight you!