A Look Through Splice Machine’s Strata New York 2017 Experience

October 13, 2017
Strata New York Round Up 2017

This year’s Strata Data Conference in New York brought together some of the greatest mind in big data, and Splice Machine was honored to be among them! We were excited to announce our Predictive Application Platform is now available as a fully managed service on AWS Marketplace at the conference, and were able to give demos of the new service at our booth.

In our post-conference blues, we’re reviewing some notable recaps discussing Splice Machine’s presence at Strata New York:


AWS got some special love of its own at Strata, with DatafactZ and Splice Machine each having announced offerings on AWS.

Splice Machine is a relational database that sits on top of both Apache HBase and Apache Spark (using one engine or the other, in a query-dependent fashion). Splice Machine now offers an external tables facility, allowing data to be left in delimited, AvroParquet and ORC file formats on HDFS but still be treated as a SQL-queryable table in the database catalog. External tables are treated in a first class manner, with generated statistics that are used by Splice Machine’s cost-based query optimizer. Splice’s new AWS marketplace offering means you can spin up Splice Machine, get billed by Amazon for your usage and not have to worry about setting up a discrete Hadoop cluster of your own.


Splice Machine – An application development platform that creates a new breed of “predictive applications” that merge transactional and analytical processing and injects analytics-derived insights into the application workflow.

B Eye Network

Splice Machine is enabling the deployment of a new generation of predictive applications designed to integrate fast data streaming, transactional workloads, analytics and machine learning to improve continuous predictions and decision making. These real-time applications continuously monitor conditions to predict what could happen, and then enable you to react accordingly.

The Bloor Group

Splice Machine CEO, Monte Zweben, sat down with Eric Kavanagh to discuss Splice Machine and going live on AWS Marketplace on Periscope.

Thank you to everone for a great conference! To learn more about Splice Machine on the AWS Marketplace you can visit here or get started with Splice Machine today!