Incedo Partnership Will Enable Faster Data Driven Decision Making

August 2, 2016

Enterprises are challenged by the constant need to improve the performance of their data ingestion and processing so that they can unlock data driven decision making. To bring a more affordable and scalable data processing platform to more companies, Splice Machine is happy to announce our new partnership with Incedo.

Incedo is a technology solutions provider specializing in data and analytics, product engineering and emerging technologies. The partnership will generate solutions to help enterprises as well as accelerate data processing for faster data-driven decision making.

Through this partnership, Incedo has incubated a team of certified specialists to work on the Splice Machine solution, with the aim of providing IT consulting, architecture, systems integration and maintenance services for clients in the financial, pharmaceutical and healthcare, as well as telecommunications industries who want to leverage Big Data-powered platforms for their mission critical data and analytics intensive application needs.

The Splice Machine open-source RDMBS, powered by Hadoop and Spark, enables Incedo’s team to build solutions that handle concurrent OLTP and OLAP workloads with scale-out infrastructure to handle high volumes of data. We also have common partners such as MicroStrategy and Qlik whose business intelligence solution users can benefit from this joint offering to drive data-driven decision making.

Like Splice Machine, Incedo is based in the Bay Area. They also have offices in New York, New Jersey, South Africa and India. They’ve also been a fast growing (600% since 2011) and award-winning (“Ten Emerging Analytics Start-ups to Watch” by Analytics India Magazine) company, so we’re glad to have them in our partner ecosystem.

With enterprises increasingly becoming more customer-centric by offering solutions that drive real-time decisions, we are excited for this new partnership. Our combined resources will give our clients a more powerful, affordable and scalable data processing platform.

If you want to learn more about Incedo and the work that they do, check out