HBaseCon 2016: What would you like to see as HBase continues to evolve?

April 29, 2016
HBaseCon 2016

Apache HBase is the NoSQL database in the Hadoop ecosystem that powers major websites and apps such as Spotify, Netflix, LinkedIn and Facebook’s messenger. A distributed, highly scalable, big data store, HBase allows you to perform real-time read/writes to individual records in the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). The goal of HBase is to host extremely large tables—billions of rows by millions of columns—atop clusters of commodity hardware.

Splice Machine also uses HBase to power our distributed storage layer. We use HBase co-processors embedded in each distributed HBase region (i.e., data shard) allowing massive parallelization by pushing the computation down to each data shard.

At this year’s HBaseCon 2016, to be held on May 24th in San Francisco, there will be a star-studded panel of HBase users and contributors discussing what’s next for HBase. As CTO of Splice Machine, I will be one of the panelists, along with:

  • Moderator Lars Hofhansl, Principal Architect at Salesforce where he leads HBase development efforts, recently focusing on performance, backup, and disaster recovery. Lars is an Apache HBase committer and PMC member. He also held engineering roles at Peoplesoft and Digital Equipment Corp.
  • Matteo Bertozzi, Software Engineer at Cloudera’s HBase Team and an HBase committer and PMC member.
  • Maxim Lukiyanov, Program Manager on the HDInsight team with Microsoft. He is responsible for the HBase cluster type, focusing primarily on optimizing HBase for the cloud environment.
  • Carter Page, Engineer and Manager on Google’s Bigtable development team in New York City. For the past 19 years, Carter has worked on high-performance distributed software access across several industries, including media, finance and education.
  • Andrew Purtell, VP/PMC Chair of Apache HBase and an Architect at Salesforce.com working on cloud storage. Previously Andrew worked at Intel, Trend Micro, Sparta, and McAfee.

We would love to hear what you want in HBase. If you have thoughts or questions on the future of HBase, please leave them in the comments section below, send an email to me at JLeach@SpliceMachine.com or tweet me at @JleachJohn. Your perspective will be valuable food for thought for myself and my fellow panelists.

Don’t forget to follow along with the conversation on Twitter at #HBaseCon.

Splice Machine is sponsoring HBaseCon 2016, and you can schedule a meeting with myself or others on the Splice Machine team by reaching out to contact@splicemachine.com.

Register for HBaseCon 2016 at hbasecon.com. Get a 10% discount by using this code: HBase10.

John Leach
CTO, Splice Machine