CEO Monte Zweben Speaking at Data By the Bay 2016

April 18, 2016
Data By the Bay 2016

We’re excited to share that Splice Machine CEO Monte Zweben will be a featured speaker at Data By the Bay 2016 on Friday, May 20th from 9:50am – 10:30am. We hope you’ll join us in the capital of Big Data, San Francisco, as we hear from the engineers and scientists who are building scalable open-source data pipelines for startups and established enterprises alike, allowing them to learn and improve as they grow.

Data By the Bay connects the best data engineers, data scientists and data-driven startup leaders with each other. The seven conferences—all under the Data By the Bay umbrella—will focus on Data, Text, Democracy, AI and IoT, and Life Sciences over four days this summer (May 16 – 20, 2016). All four days take place in the same conference center!

In his talk, “On the Path to Data Nirvana: Supporting OLTP and OLAP on Hadoop,” Monte will discuss Splice Machine’s innovative database architecture. With increased competition, companies need to be able to make faster decisions based on real-time data. This requires databases that can deliver good performance for OLTP and OLAP workloads in a single database.

In this talk, you will:

  • Discover which uses cases require simultaneous OLTP and OLAP workloads
  • Learn how the optimizer automatically routes OLTP queries to HBase/Hadoop, and OLAP queries to Spark
  • Learn how the optimizer uses advanced resource management to ensure that OLAP queries do not overwhelm OLTP queries

To register for Data By the Bay 2016, visit Get a 10% discount by using this code: DATASPLICE10. For more information about the conference schedule, visit

If you are interested in setting up a meeting with Monte or the Splice Machine team at Data By the Bay, please contact