Splice Machine Core Values

April 13, 2016
Do You Share Splice Machine’s Core Values?

A career to be passionate about …
A job that pays the bills (and more) …
A company with a mission and management team that inspires you …
A professional environment that empowers you and colleagues you enjoy working with …

These are the qualities we hear so often when people describe their “dream job”. But time and again, the research has shown that the jobs people enjoy the most are ones in which the company’s core values match their own. When people pick jobs that fulfill basic psychological needs, motives, and values, they immerse themselves more in their work, experience higher job satisfaction, and achieve better productivity.

Here at Splice Machine, we’ve been working hard to put into writing the core values that we hold to be true. We think they can be summed up in five key words.

Accountable: We take accountability for our actions and work, holding ourselves and our team against the highest standards.

Clever: We are individuals who are sharp, learn things quickly, and show imagination, applying our cleverness with each new challenge.

Customer-centric: We believe that our customers are the core of our business and our decisions are driven by their needs.

Collaborative: We believe working together achieves better results than individually, and we explore all angles before reaching consensus.

Scrappy: We take on large challenges, get big recognition, and achieve through will, persistence and heart.

Do these core values sound like yours? Are you looking for an exciting and challenging career at a dynamic, high-growth Big Data company? If so, check out our current job openings here.