Check Out Splice Machine’s Recent Podcast Appearances

March 26, 2021

As you may know, we’re always happy to preach about the value of a good podcast. Our ML Minutes podcast is a great way to stay up to date with the latest in machine learning, but it’s all about spreading the wealth, right?

Our CEO, Monte Zweben, recently appeared on a pair of industry podcasts to share his knowledge and expertise.

AI in Business

Monte stopped by AI in Business to discuss Splice Machine’s scalable SQL platform, talked about tech’s previous transitions to AI, and what it means as AI becomes starts to become the new norm. He also talks about the lessons learned from previous business transitions, and what leadership can do to better prepare for the next wave of AI.

Agile Digital Transformation

Monte discussed how machine learning is already a part of our lives while giving some key examples of how several industries are already seeing the benefits of ML. There was also lively discussion around the latest trends in ML, including feature stores, and how experimentation and innovation will continue to drive new developments.