Splice Machine Co-Founders Monte Zweben and John Leach to Speak at Strata + Hadoop World NYC

September 14, 2015

Splice Machine is excited to share that CEO and co-founder, Monte Zweben, and CTO and co-founder, John Leach will be speaking at this year’s Strata + Hadoop World New York.

Strata + Hadoop World, presented by O’Reilly and Cloudera, attracts data scientists, analysts, and executives who want to further their knowledge and exposure to emerging techniques and technologies through case study reviews, in-depth tutorials, sharing of industry best practices, and industry topic-specific sessions.

The session to be hosted by Zweben and Leach, will take place on Wednesday, September 30th from 5:25pm–6:05pm EST at 1 E16 / 1 E17, and is titled, “OLTP on Hadoop: Reviewing the first Hadoop-based TPC-C benchmarks.”

Benchmarks represent a way for computing systems and databases to show how they stack up on a common workload. Often, benchmarking becomes a “space race” where vendors work to push the envelope of their joint systems with high-powered hardware and optimized databases. For companies looking to identify solutions based on benchmarks, high performance dreams are often tempered by high performance prices.

The rise of Hadoop, NoSQL, and other distributed computing platforms that rely on commodity hardware has led to a cultural shift away from “big iron” to systems that can scale out by adding lower cost commodity servers. While Hadoop has been able to do many things in the enterprise when it comes to big data, analytics, and applications, one hurdle it had not cleared was the TPC-C benchmark…until now.

In this session, Monte Zweben and John Leach will review how a transactional Hadoop database was able to complete the TPC-C benchmarks through the use of HBase and SQL. They’ll also discuss the deep empirical analysis that we performed on the TPC-C benchmark to understand how it translates to Hadoop. Finally, they’ll share Splice Machine’s results for the first time with the public, and show how transactional Hadoop can change the status quo for running operational applications.

The goal of this session is to help expand the footprint of Hadoop in the enterprise by educating attendees about the possibilities for Hadoop to replace traditional databases for OTLP and OLAP workloads.

Splice Machine, provider of The Hadoop RDBMS, will be exhibiting at the conference at booth 405. If you are interested in setting up a meeting with the Splice Machine team at Strata + Hadoop World, please contact info@splicemachine.com

To read more about Zweben and Leach’s presentation, and to register for the event, visit http://strataconf.com/big-data-conference-ny-2015/public/schedule/detail/43550

If you are interested in attending but you have not yet registered, you can get 20% off the purchase of Strata passes with discount code, Splice20.

We hope to see you out there!