Bay Area Hadoop User Group Meetup

October 18, 2016
Bay Area HBase User Group Meetup

Join us at the Bay Area Hadoop User Group Meetup on October 19 from 6pm to 9pm PT. Splice Machine CEO Monte Zweben will be speaking on the Architecture of an Open Source RDBMS powered by Apache HBase® and Apache Spark™. In addition to Monte, Peter Kisich of FactorData and Joe Francis of Yahoo will be speaking during the meetup.


Monte’s talk will describe the architecture and implementation of Splice Machine V2.0. The system is powered by a shared key-value store for fast short reads and writes, short range scans (HBase) and an in-memory, cluster data flow engine for analytics (Spark). This system differs from most other clustered SQL systems such as Impala, SparkSQL, and Apache Hiveä because it combines analytical processing with a distributed Multi-Value Concurrency Method that provides fine-grained concurrency which is required to power real-time applications.


Monte’s talk will highlight the Splice Machine storage representation, transaction engine, cost-based optimizer, and present the detailed execution of operational queries on HBase, and the detailed execution of analytical queries on Spark. He will compare and contrast how Splice Machine executes queries with other HTAP systems such as Apache Phoenixä and Apache Trafodianä. Monte will end the talk with some roadmap items under development that involve new row-based and column-based storage encodings.


Be sure to register today to see Monte speak at the Bay Area Hadoop User Group meetup.