Getting Cozy with Hadoop: Read 451 Research’s Take on Splice Machine

January 4, 2012
451 research

Recently, we sat down with Matt Aslett, research manager for 451 Research, to give him the scoop on Splice Machine and our plans to develop the Splice SQL Engine and utilize the Hadoop stack. Matt has great insight into the Big Data space and we were excited to see his thoughts on our approach.

There were two key takeaways. We are a “seasoned management team” with success building enterprise software products and companies, which “can’t be said for a lot of emerging database startups.” There is also a real need for a SQL Engine, as they are “seeing interest in any technology that combines the potential benefits of Hadoop with the familiarity of SQL.” It’s ultimately those SQL resources and skills in the enterprise that we think can make the difference when it comes to bringing Big Data to the masses.

That’s why we are designing the Splice SQL Engine to be a general-purpose database for operational and analytic Big Data applications, with example applications including Web personalization, real-time fraud analysis, campaign management and sales optimization. Starting Q1 2013, we will let select customers start using our beta product. Sign up here if you would like to be one of those customers

What do you think of this approach? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. If you’re a 451 Research subscriber (or are thinking about becoming one), click here to sign in and download the report.