Modernize Your Applications,
Don’t Re-Write Them

Make them data-rich and intelligent with
scalable SQL and in-database machine learning

What Is Splice Machine?

When moving to the cloud is not enough and rewriting your mission-critical applications is untenable, Splice Machine is the platform to modernize the apps that drive your competitive advantage.

Splice Machine reduces database costs, makes insights relevant and timely and injects ML into your apps.

Go Under the Hood of Splice Machine

The Application Modernization Journey

Splice Machine is a scalable SQL database that enables companies to modernize their legacy and custom applications to be agile, data-rich, and intelligent – all without re-writes.

When you migrate Oracle and DB2 applications to Splice, you not only reduce database licensing costs but also enable the applications to add new data sources at a massive scale.

Splice Machine enables you to unify analytics and machine learning that used to be on separate platforms to be native to the application thereby reducing ETL latency and infrastructure costs.

Migrate to
Scale-Out SQL

  • Petabyte-Scale
  • ACID
  • Elastic
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Unify Analytics

  • Insights in the moment
  • No ETL
  • No latency
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Inject AI/ML

  • Predict in the moment
  • Retrain frequently
  • Create feature factory for continuous improvement
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Move to the Cloud

  • Business agility
  • Hybrid clouds
  • Same on-premise as cloud
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The Platform For

Splice Machine helps organizations in demanding, data‑driven industries deliver intelligent decisions at scale and accelerate the speed of doing business by incorporating new data sources and AI into their operational applications.

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