The Only Scale-Out SQL RDBMS With Built-In Machine Learning

For data-rich, real-time applications with embedded AI/ML

One Integrated Data Platform

Distributed SQL

Distributed SQL

Scale-out architecture with auto-sharding handles any workload at any scale

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Native ML

Create, deploy and manage your ML models at any scale.

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Deploy Anywhere

Deploy on public or private clouds or on-premises with Kubernetes.

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Simplify Data Architecture

Splice Machine brings together OLTP, OLAP, ML in one platform to deliver the capabilities applications need to be intelligent and scale.


Loosely coupled operational, analytical and ML primitives result in complexity, silos, data movement, and latency.



Comprehensive, unified platform that is ready out of the box and optimized for performance.


The Splice Machine Cloud

Get a Splice Machine database with an ML platform running on any cloud in minutes


Leave the complexity of operations to us.

We do the backups, provide you operating metrics, and searchable logs.

  • Scale up or down
  • Pause and restart
  • Secure with isolated networking

Open Source

Splice Machine is open source and builds on leading open source components

Kubernetes Orchestrated

Want full control of your platforms? Use the same Helm Charts and K8s Operators that our cloud SREs and DevOps use.

Splice Machine is easy to provision, manage and operate anywhere across public clouds and on premises. You can operate hundreds of sandboxes, dev, test, and prod clusters with small teams.


Public Clouds


The Platform For
Mission-Critical Applications

Splice Machine helps organizations in demanding, data‑driven industries deliver intelligent decisions at scale and accelerate the speed of doing business by incorporating new data sources and AI into their operational applications.

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