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Unique Combination of Engines

Distributed SQL

Feature Store

Train and serve real-time ML models with the only single-engine feature store

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Deploy & govern machine learning models 100x faster – at any scale

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Deploy on public or private clouds or on-premises with Kubernetes

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Operational AI Is Hard. We Make It Easy.


The Livewire Operational AI platform enables industrial companies to deploy predictive applications that deliver actionable insights quickly, accurately, and continuously.

Livewire brings AI out of the lab and into the plant.

The Splice Machine Feature Store

Increase data science productivity, improve model accuracy and guarantee data lineage


The Splice Machine Feature Store’s unique single database design: 

  • Eliminates data consistency and latency issues common with separate online and offline stores. 
  • Enables rapid scaling of data science operations 
  • Allows for the  deployment of more accurate models faster

Open Source

Splice Machine is open source and builds on leading open source components

Kubernetes Orchestrated

Managed Service or Manage It Yourself

Splice Machine is easy to provision, manage and operate anywhere across public clouds and on premises. You can operate hundreds of sandboxes, dev, test, and prod clusters with small teams.

Or leave the complexity of operations to us. We do the backups, provide you operating metrics, and searchable logs.

Cloud & On-Premise Options

ML Minutes

Hear the latest and greatest machine learning stories from cutting-edge thought leaders, in the time it takes to do the dishes.


Listen to cutting-edge machine learning practitioners talk about problems they’re solving, with a fun twist: there’s only one minute to answer each question!

The Platform For
Mission-Critical Applications

Splice Machine helps organizations in demanding, data‑driven industries deliver intelligent decisions at scale and accelerate the speed of doing business by incorporating new data sources and AI into their operational applications.

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